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Welcome to

Wetaskiwin Family Chiropractic

Phone: 780-352-2101

Email: [email protected]


Our office is now open to ALL Chiropractic & Massage visits.

We thank you for your patience during the mandatory restriction to

emergency only care over the past several weeks.

We recognize that this has been and continues to be a challenging time for all of you in not having access to your regular care at our office.

With that in mind we have worked hard to get up and running, with some modifications, in order to get you back to moving and feeling well

during this stressful time. We are posting this message to inform you of the

new flow and ongoing safety measures we are using at the office to ensure we can provide you with the safest care possible during this unprecedented time.

1.) When you book an appointment via phone or email you are REQUIRED to answer pre-screening questions. This is mandated by AHS regardless of the type of appointment or how far away it is. This will happen for EVERY visit.

2.) Please arrive at the office at your appointed time. We are required to limit how many people are in the office at any given time and to limit the number of people as well as “wait times” in the waiting room. You can wait in your vehicle if you are early for your appointment. If you have multiple family members please speak to staff as to how to manage entry into the clinic.

In the past, we have been able to accommodate and shift the schedule slightly if people ran early or late. This will be difficult moving forward so we ask that you work to be on time as we will be less flexible. This also means we will be more strict moving forward with the “No Show” policy for Chiropractic appointments. We will happily reschedule your appointment with advance notice.

3.) Upon entering the clinic please STOP and wait to be pre-screened again.

This process is required by AHS and MUST happen before you

proceed further into the office space.

4.) After you have been screened you MUST perform hand hygiene regardless of having completed hand washing or sanitizing before entering the office.

We will have a hand-washing sink ready for you in the next week but for now we are using the bathroom at the back of the office. Hand sanitizer will be available as needed but hand washing is preferred.

5.) You will be directed to enter a treatment room immediately following hand hygiene measures. If no room is available, only then would you be instructed to take a seat in the waiting area. If this occurs, you will need to use hand sanitizer once entering the treatment room.

6.) Your practitioner will be masked during your treatment. AHS requires all personnel that cannot maintain 2 meters of social distancing to be masked. Your practitioner may choose to remove their mask to speak with you or while taking your history as long as they can maintain distance. They must be masked during your treatment. As the patient, you are not required to be masked, but you are welcome to bring and/or use one to your comfort level. For the time being our front end staff will be masked, if they cannot maintain distance, while we wait for glass barrier installation. To that affect we have upgraded our debit/credit machine to include TAP. Alternately, if you would prefer to leave a card on file that can be charged at the time of service you are welcome to do so. Both of these options are offered to allow you to limit contact at the office. Your receipts can be emailed to you.

7.) We ask that at all times outside of a treatment room you respect physical distancing of 2 meters, practice safe sneezing/coughing protocol into elbows, limit touching or contacting surfaces outside of the treatment rooms and practice increased hand hygiene.

8.) For your added safety:  Each treatment room is thoroughly disinfected

following each patient (with the exception of family members or those living

in the same household that present to the office together, in which case the room is disinfected after the family/couple/group leaves the room). 

There are no toys, reading materials or educational items available for use at this time.  Each team member completes hand hygiene before and after contact with patients and each other. All common areas and high contact points

are disinfected multiple times each day.

Your care team must pass all pre-screening protocols prior to arrival at work and again upon entry to the office.  All linens used in the office are washed in

hot water as per AHS recommendations and are single use.

We ask for your patience while we slow things down and do our best to adapt to serving your under these new regulations. Your safety is our first priority

and we know that making you feel safe is the first step in helping you get

back to moving and feeling well!

Thank you for making us your first choice in wellness care!!

We take our job very seriously and offer many different services in order to assist you in being the best "YOU" that you can be!

Our services include:


Massage Therapy

Nutritional Counseling

Lifestyle Coaching

Custom Orthotics

Cold Laser

New to the office?? Visit our New Patient Page

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm

(Closed for lunch 12:00pm - 1:30pm)

Saturday: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Sunday & Holidays: Closed